Lynne Newton


American Actress, Writer and Producer Lynne Newton started her performance career at the young age of seven in the “Show Me State” of Missouri. In the 1990’s Lynne moved to Hollywood to continue her craft and has blazed quite an impressive trail since her move west, and has multiple films in various stages of production. With over sixty acting, producing and writing credits (including best actress nominations and awards) Lynne is making a solid name for herself in the film making industry. Illumination Paradox is the feature film she will be pitching to studios in the near future.

“Lynne‚Äôs work demonstrates her capacity to embrace culture, heritage, history and humanity. Through a combination of intellect, creativity, heart and service. She has managed to create a multi-faceted platform for the delivery of social storytelling.”

Meejie Chaparro-Traverso Founder Motiva Inspira