Take a look at my Resume

Lynne Newton


Height: 5 4′                                                                                              

Eye Color: Brown                                                                                                            

Hair Color: Brown                                                                                                                 









Enipheres  Lead Eye in the Sky Pictures


Gradation Lead Frogg 1 Productions


Quinta vs Everything Supporting Buzzfeed


The Ouija Exorcism Supporting Justin Jones


Latnem Supporting Christine Lozano


Shape Shifter Supporting Lead Carey Finklea


Escape Puzzle of Fear Supporting Lead Let’s Mason Movies


Rose Petal Supporting Mike Breyer


The Remake Supporting Lynne Delaney


The Admired Supporting Lead Jacqueline Murphy


Southern dysComfort




Patrick McEveety



  Sex Sent me to the ER “Sticky Situation #106”

ER Nurse

TLC Network


  Nominated for Best Female Character


Short of The Month Online Festival 2015
  Honorary Award for Best Actress

“Southern dysComfort” & “Fake”

St. Tropez  Intl. Film Festival 2014
  Best Supporting Actress

“Southern dysComfort”

LA Cinema Fest of Hollywood 2013
  Lead Actress-Award of Merit

“Southern dysComfort”

The Accolade Competition 2013
  Best Actress-Audience Vote

“Southern dysComfort”

LA Intl. Underground Fest 2012


  On Camera Technique Jim Ingersoll Anita Jesse Studio
  Professional on Camera Duane Shepard Community Artist Guild


Comedy, Improv, Karaoke Vocals, Hiking, Volleyball, Automobile Stick Shift, Voiceovers, Club Dancing, Modern Dance, Darts, Billiards, Cycling, Hula Hoop, Bowling, General Equestrian, Licensed Driver, Ping Pong, Roller Blading, Wardrobe/Makeup/Image Design, Firearms/Handgun Dialects: Southern, Mid West, Valley Girl

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