1. “In order to keep your passion alive, be willing to step away from it in order to have balance. Don’t put too much emphasis in one area of your life more than another; Give your best evenly in all aspects of your life and with the best positive outlook possible. “

2. “In order to stay in the business of film acting, you have to know how to balance your sanity along with perseverance.”

3. “It doesn’t do any good to re-live in the past because “now” is already tomorrow.”

4. “Being an actress is like an addiction; once you know it is what you want it stays in your bloodstream”

5. “The “business” of acting is even more important and more demanding then the actual action of acting. If you don’t know how to handle your business the opportunity for acting is non existent

6. “ I’ve learned over the years that opportunity comes more frequently and effortlessly when you give over 100% of yourself every single time to someone else’s dream.

7. “Being spiritual to me means taking amazing care of yourself; mind body and spirit and taking that positive energy out into the world.”

8. On winning a film acting award: “It validates the hard work you have put in as an artist. But even more so legitimate peers in the industry have a good at understanding that all you are doing is portraying yourself”

9. “You have to be an exceptionally disciplined, consistent, persistent and dedicated person to go on an audition time and time again (for many years) and almost always be subjected to rejection. In simpler terms, YOU CRAY CRAY in love with passion.”

10. “You will come across people in your career that will test your patience beyond anything you have ever imagined. This is the time to stand strong, show your strength, but also know when to back up: it’s all about balance…”

11. “Be Happy, Be Present, Be Kind, Be Careful, Be Free, Be Passionate, Be Beautiful, Be Selfless, Be Fearless, Be You, Be Amazing…”





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