American Actress, Writer and Producer Lynne Newton started her performance career at the young age of seven in the “Show Me State” of Missouri. In the 1990’s Lynne moved to Hollywood to continue her craft and has blazed quite an impressive trail since her move west, and has multiple films in various stages of production. With over fifty acting, producing and writing credits (including best actress nominations and awards) Lynne is making a solid name for herself in the filmmaking industry. Illumination Paradox is one of the next films you will see her starring in, along with an outstanding cast and crew.

Height: 5 4″
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown



World Cinema Festival-London England, Winner Best Original Screenplay “The Admired”, 2017, Winner
Short of the Month Online Festival, Nominated Best Female Character “Expose”, 2015, Nominated for the film Expose
World Cinema Festival-Nice France, Winner Honorary Award for Best Actress “Southern dysComfort”, 2014, Winner
The Accolade Global Competition, Winner Lead Actress Award of Merit “Southern dysComfort”, 2013, Lead Actress Award of Merit “Southern dysComfort”
Los Angeles Intl. Underground Festival, Winner Best Supporting Actress “Southern Dyscomfort”, 2012, Winner
World Cinema Festival-Nice France, Nominated Best Supporting Actress “The Admired”, 2017, Nominated Best Supporting Actress “The Admired”
Best Shorts, Winner Best Supporting Actress-Special Mention “The Admired”, 2017, Best Supporting Actress-Special Mention “The Admired”
The Accolade Global Competition, Winner Best Script “The Admired”, 2017, Best Script “The Admired”
World Cinema Festival-Madrid Spain, Nominated Jury Award “The Admired”, 2017, Nominated
Los Angeles International Underground Festival, Winner Best Actress Audience Award, 2013, Winner


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